28 in Brussels

I turned 28 just the other day, right here in Brussels, and reminisced about turning 19 in Japan, 20 in Qatar, 21 in Syria, 22 in the Bahamas, and 23-27 back in the States.  I feel lucky having had such unique experiences in my 20’s.  But hey I’m not 30 yet, so enough of that talk.  On to the story:

R and I had an awesome time exploring more of the city this Saturday.  No beer in this post; strictly G-rated this time.

So right near our house is this park with a fountain called Le Petit Sablon.  We pass by it whenever we walk to the city center, so its about time we stopped for some pictures.

Overlooking the park towards the Notre-Dame du Sablon.

Two creeps in the park haha.. can you see them?

That’s what you call a bro-mance.  Not sure who these two fellas are, but they probably had to split the bill for the statue!

This is actually cool… this is a statue of Gerard Mercator, who is known for creating the Mercator projection world map.

So the weather was pretty crappy this day, well every day in Belgium.  If the most widely-used word in English is “the”, it’s probably “rain” in Belgium.

We were looking for a dessert shop to grab some cheesecake (which is a big deal for us!  We save the sweets for special occasions).  We were bummed cause we couldn’t find it, but we settled for 2nd, which happened to be this pastry/dessert shop called Wittamer which we heard was a popular place.  It turned out to be a massive tourist trap.  Way over-priced, tiny portions… not worth it.

Ever heard of the French paradox?

This is how Belgians have their traditional coffee.  Dark, bitter, but delicious coffee served with dark chocolate.  They threw in some extra chocolate probably cause it was a dessert shop?  Really good stuff….

See the bird on this statue?  Its called a magpie.  It sounded like a kid laughing or some kind of ratchet sound.  I looked these birds up: they’re one of the most intelligent animals on earth.  They’ve been known to speak & mimic humans, they work together and communicate in groups, and can recognize themselves in a mirror.  So these guys are fun to watch sometimes just because of their behavior.

Oh by the way, the name of that big hotel in the background is “The Hotel”!    Well ain’t THAT original.

This street is walking back to the house.  All of the houses were built around the same time, designed by the same architect (obviously).  His name is carved into the front entrance of every house, and the street is named after him.


It was a low-key day, relaxing but we had a great time.  Next year who knows where I’ll have my birthday??


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