Our Brussels Favorites

IMG_2547I wanted to share with you all places that R and I “frequent” and like the best in Brussels.  More of a normal-life sort of post.  Enjoy.  


First things first… the coffee.

If I had a nickel for every cafe in Brussels… Well, I think you can figure that one out.  Seeing as how sitting and drinking seems to be the national sport of Belgium, there’s plenty of places to do this downtown.  But finding a truly unique place to enjoy a GOOD cup of joe took us a while.  Luckily we found Aksum Coffee House near the center of town.


The mood was very relaxed and reminded us of being back home in Washington state.. the staff were very friendly and welcoming, took our order in less than a minute (rare in Belgium… I don’t care if it’s a cultural difference or not).

I ordered the macchiato, and R got the americano… we ended up liking each other’s drinks so we switched.  Lol we always do that… meals, drinks, you name it 🙂



The tables were covered with these cool- “vintage” I guess is the word- Ethiopian newspaper clippings.  Neat touch.


Next up, the fries.

The hype about Belgian fries is true- they are delicious.  But Belgium only stands out for their fries cause they learned how to really cook them up good – Double-fried in beef lard.

There’s only one place in the whole city that we know of that does it this way…all the other places downtown just sell you regular old fries done up in regular cooking oil.  Maison Antoine in the Jourdan neighborhood is our favorite spot for fries.

We usually go easy on the fries.. and only go pick some up every so often, but it’s really a treat.  We both love the tartar sauce.. we’ve even tried all of them but tartar’s still the best.  (Straight mayo comes a close second)


The lines can get pretty, pretty long sometimes.  It’s worth the wait.


R and I always take our fries to the park just nearby.. this here is OUR bench!

This is what happens when you order tartar!  This is my buddy O from when he visited last year… fun times!

The desserts…

People rant and rave about Belgian cuisine.  I still have no idea what they’re talking about besides the baguettes and pastries… maybe that’s what all the fuss is about.  They are damn good at it tough!  haha..

But what’s really good here are the desserts.  Forget all those touristy Paul and Le Pain Quotidien… they’re all traps.  Especially the Wittamer chocolaterie – it’s just a waste of money.

Instead – head to Les Tartes de Francoise.  You’ll find all kinds of salty and sweet cakes and pies, all worth killing over.




We picked up a cheesecake last time we were in.  Words cannot express….

Our butcher – The Good Meat Shop

Thought I’d include one of our more regular spots (weekly).  Screw Carrefour and Delhaize, the Good Meat Shop is where the real meat is at!! [that’s what she said]  Just as the name of the shop goes, the meat there is great quality, and the price is right.

We got so lucky finding this tiny-ass shop tucked in the alleyways near the Grand Place.  It’s basically a refrigerated hole in the wall.. that’s the best way to describe it.  The family that owns and runs the place are really cool people.


The Good Meat Shop!!

R’s favorite building in Brussels…

Haha…. here she is getting frustrated at me taking her photo.  But the building in the background is her favorite in town.  We typically don’t travel to see buildings or go see museums.. we just find it boring honestly!  We haven’t been inside a single museum or building since we’ve been here.  I’d much rather be out doing some activity than staring at concrete.  Nevertheless, we decided to pick a favorite building in Brussels.. and here’s R’s.


Churchill’s English Pub


We got a little bit of the action on vid.


One of the beers I had that night.. an ale from the Kent area in the UK.  

A VERY good beer.  Thanks to the bartender for making the suggestion.

And finally.. Brussels’ creepiest mannequin. No, it’s not Manneken Pis.


This friggin’ dude/statue always scares the sh*t outta you!  The owner is always putting it in a different place!  lol… Keeps us on our toes- and our manners in check considering we always catch ourselves saying “Pardon..” as we pass by it haha..


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