Seeing the family in Germany

This last weekend, R and I took some much needed time to visit some of the family in nearby Germany.  We should have taken this trip much sooner.  It was really great visiting, getting to see M&J and the kids.


This cute little girl in the photo is R’s adorable niece.. when she was just an infant she earned the nickname “Beef” haha… 


From the moment we arrived, we were playing with the kids, catching up with M&J (R’s sister and our brother-in-law).. it was non-stop fun with the whole group.  We seriously hadn’t had so much fun in almost forever.

We toured around town with the kids.. haha they were so funny.  What seemed like an innocent walk through town (they lead the way), ended up as a way to draw us towards the ice cream stand!  Clever 🙂

The town is just outside of Hanover.  Very German, by the way.


The Beach

It got SO HOT while we were there… lucky for us they family took us to a perfect lake just at the edge of town.  The kids kept chanting the name of the lake like some war cry, “Eixer See, Eixer See!!”  haha… The lake was set up with a manmade tropical beach with some of the cleanest lake water I’ve ever swam in.. it was PERFECT for the hot weather.

R and her niece.

My first minute in the water all I wanted to do was float and cool off, but M insisted I swim with him all the way out to (200m) to a floating dock.  How can an uncle refuse his nephew? haha.. Damn that was a swim.  When we got back, all I did was launch him off my shoulders… the little dude got MAD air!!!


The Beer: Erdinger Weisbier

Given my brother-in-law, J, is German… we drank in both quantity and quality.  I brought back a couple souvenir beers with me, but when we were relaxing under the sun at the lake, I tried a local favorite weisbier.  R did too, haha…



After the beach, we headed back to the house- and lucky timing- our small town was hit by a freak, sudden, massive hail storm.  The hail stones were up to 15cm in diameter, and made Swiss cheese out of our rental car.  I just hope everyone that was still at the lake was OK.


Having Fun

We all put on our rollerblades and jumped on the bikes for some fun.  Those kids were fearless!  They had never skated before, and just threw on the skates and went for it 🙂



Spaghetti Ice!!!!!!

THE BEST ice cream I’ve ever had in my life… right downtown Peine.  This small cafe was opened by an Italian family years ago, and still prepares their ice cream with secret family recipes.  We all tried the Spaghetti Ice, which is ice cream squeezed into noodles, smothered in a buttery strawberry sauce….. dammit so good.



Sad to have to leave….

It was tough to leave, but we’ll see them again soon.


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