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3. Gouyasse – Brasserie des Legendes (Brewery of the Giants), Ath, Belgium

Hey folks – another weekly beer review.

This beer is a Belgian ale that is brewed just 15 minutes from where we live in the small city of Ath (pronounced “At”).  This city is known for being the city of the giants, here in Belgium, and hosts an annual celebration along those lines.

Anyhow, the beer is no real big surprise in terms of flavor or other unique quality.  It pours a bit hazy and golden, and is well carbonated.  The beer is very light and refreshing, and would be a great beer to put back after maybe a long day of work on a summer day.  The initial feeling is very crisp and fruity, light fruits that is.. apples, grapes, and such.  It almost reminds me of a sparkling wine, that’s how light at fizzy this beer is.  I prefer beers with stronger flavor, obviously, but this Gouyasse beer is pretty refreshing, but still, it holds its own.  I won’t necessarily go and seek out this beer for its own sake, and give it a 5/10 for my own personal preference.


2. Barbar – Lefebvre Brewery, Quenast, Belgium

The second beer I’m displaying this week is another unique Belgian beer – a strong pale ale (8% abv) by the name of “Barbar” brewed in the Walloon region of Belgium.  I love this style of bottle – it’s sort of ‘corked’ by a rubber stopper that is held in place by a metal contraption that sort of reminds me of a puzzle.  The metal is leveraged perfectly to seal the stopper in place and probably works better than just a metal cap.
The beer pours a gold color and is nice and clear.  Foamy head..
First taste: sour, sharp edge.. yet tasty.
After flavor: the honey really sets in and rounds out the edge perfectly.  Really nice tasting beer.  R liked this one a lot 🙂

The alcohol content didn’t sway me at all from finishing this beer off quickly.  Despite the sharp taste at first, the flavor really smoothes out in the end – probably thanks to the honey.

I’d give this thing a 7/10 for my own personal preference, only because I’m biased towards more hop flavor in my beers.  (Back home I was crazy for IPA’s).  But Lefebvre’s Barbar is really worth trying – and I’m really curious how this beer turns out on tap.
Until next time…

De Verboden Vrucht / Le Fruit Defende

Here’s a list of the beers that I’ve tried around the world, and my stab at giving them all a decent review.  I will be neither scientific nor sappy with any of my reviews; I’ll just leave my best biased opinion.  I’ll keep a running list, so standby for updates.  Cheers, everyone 🙂

1. De Verboden Vrucht / Le Fruit Defende – De Kluis Brewery, Belgium

The beer pours with a dark caramel color, thick head with a swampy sediment at the bottom.  I realize the glass in the photo isn’t the proper medium to be drinking this beer out of, but ordinarily it is served in a “goblet” style glass.  It is very light and crisp at first, and sweet.  After a second, the true ale flavor and high alc. % sets in.

I read a review online about this beer and some person said “ginger bread cake, plum, and raspberry scone with a clove hit”  LOL that’s getting too much into the weeds for me.. Yeah the beer is a bit fruity tasting and you can pick up on a little bit of honey, but overall this is just a strong ale, and I’d recommend it.  I’ll try to find this on tap and provide an update.

Strong flavor… I give it a 7/10 for my personal taste preference.