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Our Thanksgiving in Morocco


I haven’t written a post in ages..  Well at least I have a good reason to now!  R and I took a trip to visit some of the family in Morocco over Thanksgiving and took a much desired break.  We went from the mid-30’s in Belgium to the 70’s in Rabat (where we stayed), so it was awesome.  I think we were the only people in the entire country wearing shorts and t-shirts haha… all of the locals (including our family) were in jackets and sweaters!

Morocco has always been a place we wanted to visit.  I’ve lived and traveled to several Middle Eastern countries, and Morocco definitely had it’s own unique identity and image.  Even though it shares common cultural traits with those other “Arabic” countries, it really had a different feel.  We really enjoyed it and will definitely go back to visit other places, like Marrakesh or the Atlas mountains.  Anyhow – no beer in this post – just a bunch of our photos.  Enjoy.   (FYI: the traditional attire in Rabat are Jedi Knight robes like the photo above.. freakin awesome).

Our view from the plane.. wicked huh?

Rabat is right on the Atlantic.  It felt great to take in the fresh ocean air; it reminded me of home.


The Mausoleum of Mohammed V.

Right at the edge of town, there’s this very elaborate mausoleum and mosque for one of Morocco’s former rulers. We had fun dinkin around, checking things out, climbing over all the columns, and chasing our nephew all over the place.


IMG_4397Parkour!!  haha so respectful..  I’m not sure what’s up with all the columns, it was pretty cool though.

Chellah Roman Ruins

Some of the old ruins in town made for a fun day tour.  Lots of cool passageways and opportunities to chase around our nephew once again, haha.  He’s such a ball of energy.



IMG_0225R: My gorgeous Chief Correspondent lol…

The Local Souq

This was one of the real highlights of the trip, getting to walk around the local markets and even do some bartering for a cool tea set we picked up.  There was some weirrrddd stuff there too – like one guy was selling lamb SHINS and FEET.  No joke.  I don’t even know what you’d do with that, cause it sure as hell didn’t look edible.  There were lots of spice stands, carpet shops, furniture makers, and shops selling every little Moroccan-style trinket you could think of.  Very fun time 🙂




There’s a small neighborhood on a cliff just above the ocean, that is painted in the timeless white and blue motif, I suppose is characterizes Mediterranean culture.  The small alleyways zig-zagged and never seemed to end, and made for some neat photos.


Us and the family in the photo above.  haha notice I’m in shorts.. I got plenty of looks for dressing like that.  The town behind us and the old city walls is where we explored for a bit.


One of the local dishes is called “tajin”, which is a big mix of meat, sauce, walnuts, and apricots.  Man oh man it was delicious.  It’s served in the traditional ceramic dish and cover you can see below.


Besides all the walking around, touring the city and eating tajin, we really took advantage of just relaxing and staying in our sweatpants most of the day lol…  We drank Moroccan tea, caught up with the family, and felt really refreshed by the time we came back to Belgium.