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Dinant, Belgium


What’s up everyone – I just wanted to share a few photos of R and my latest tour of another interesting Belgian town, Dinant.  Dinant’s mostly known for being the early home of Adolphe Sax, the dude who invented the saxophone.  It’s also known for a bridge, a church, and a fort atop a cliff (sounds like just about every European town I’ve been to).  But we went to Dinant only because growing up, I was really into music – particularly playing my alto sax.  Jazz band, the wind ensemble, jam sessions with old high school buddies – I even composed a complete jazz piece for my band that was performed at our final concert.  I still have my old horn and don’t get to playing it as often as I like – but I had really been excited to visit the birthplace of the saxophone since the moment I (surprisingly) knew it came from Belgium.  Anyhow – I’m glad I got to check this one off my list…



Overlooking the bridge from the fort

Overlooking the bridge from the fort


dinant revised



The Dinant riverfront

The Dinant riverfront

Some street art

Some street art



Random Scenes from Brussels

Hey everybody.. here’s some random photos of Brussels we’ve taken over the past few weeks.. no story or narration to any of it, just randomness 🙂IMG_2476

Overlooking the Old City

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