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Best meal I ever had

R and I went out to try this new restaurant the other night, and man alive did we get more than we hoped for.

The Brasserie Bavaria in Brussels is where we went, thanks to a recommendation from a colleague of R’s.  I’m telling you right now…. it was THE BEST MEAL I’d ever had in my life.  hands down…. can’t beat it.

So if you’re looking for some good Bavarian food- head to Brussels!  haha..


We started the night off right with some drinks – it was the first bar in Europe we’ve been to that served R’s martini in a martini glass.  Like that’s asking a lot…lol


I ordered the house special – the Koning Ludwig Weissbier – voted world’s best wheat beer in 2008, I think I read.  Damn what a good beer.  Highly recommended if you ever run into it.  It was perfectly hazy and smooth, served in a nice tall .5L.    Very delicious..  it’s making me thirsty again just thinking about it.


For dinner, I had a steak with peppercorn sauce, R had the house schnitzel, served with roasted potatoes.  Holy **** the food melted in our mouths.  I think we were hypnotized and forgot to take photos, but then again the presentation of the food was quite simple, just like a home-cooked meal.  (lol) It was funny getting ready to eat; we could hear the chef in the kitchen beating the living hell out of the steak he was about to whip up to turn into R’s schnitzel!  He was really going to town, but it paid off!



L’ambience etait extraordinaire….. HAHA

After dinner I ordered a random beer off the menu… ahhh I kind of regret doing that.  Wish I would’ve ordered another wheat beer, cause what I got was a classic pilsner..  Flavorful, but just plain for my taste.  It’s the Warfsteiner pilsner.


That’s about it for this post.  For the best food ever, hit up this restaurant in east Brussels, and enjoy!

Moving out of Brussels

R is here writing today – it’s my first post.

It has been more than a week now since we moved out of our Brussels apartment, and relocated in the beautiful country side in Belgium.

After a year living in Brussels, life  started to become daunted. Brussels has a few things to offer, like any other major city of course, but what it’s known for becomes boring and repeatable after only a few weeks of living there.  It’s not like any feeling I have ever experienced in any other major city. Eventually, the list of cons became way longer than the pros.   That’s when we started to think that maybe there was another part of Belgium that we might enjoy more, and that offered the same (maybe more) opportunities but with less of the pollution, claustrophobia, and stress.  Don’t get me wrong- I’m speaking as a former resident of Brussels and not as a tourist. If you are ever in this part of Europe, definitely pass through for a couple days and see all of the best Brussels has to offer; entering the Grand Place for the first time is a breathtaking experience, especially on a sunny day.

I know, foreigners life in a foreign land can be a tragedy more than a comedy.. But it was a life-learning experience living in Brussels and was full of comedies with a few tragedies.



Our Brussels Favorites

IMG_2547I wanted to share with you all places that R and I “frequent” and like the best in Brussels.  More of a normal-life sort of post.  Enjoy.  


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Random Scenes from Brussels

Hey everybody.. here’s some random photos of Brussels we’ve taken over the past few weeks.. no story or narration to any of it, just randomness 🙂IMG_2476

Overlooking the Old City

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Snowed in…

Here’s some photos of around our apartment, here in Brussels.  We were thinking of a road trip until the snow hit… so we ended up watching a lot of zombie movies, taking turns scarin the crap out of each other 🙂  Oh, and we made a cheesecake!!!


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Vin Chaud on a Sunday

One of the most unique holiday seasons I’ve experienced so far has been in/around Belgium.  This past Sunday we decided to set out on foot and see more of our own backyard.


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28 in Brussels

I turned 28 just the other day, right here in Brussels, and reminisced about turning 19 in Japan, 20 in Qatar, 21 in Syria, 22 in the Bahamas, and 23-27 back in the States.  I feel lucky having had such unique experiences in my 20’s.  But hey I’m not 30 yet, so enough of that talk.  On to the story:

R and I had an awesome time exploring more of the city this Saturday.  No beer in this post; strictly G-rated this time.

So right near our house is this park with a fountain called Le Petit Sablon.  We pass by it whenever we walk to the city center, so its about time we stopped for some pictures.

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Night out in Brussels

Don’t be fooled by this photo… it’s 10pm right now.  

An old friend of mine from the Corps came to visit last weekend as he was passing through Belgium, so we hit the town in search of some awesome beers and local watering holes.  We got exactly what we were looking for!

Here’s the massive church and clock tower we pass by our house heading towards downtown.  This night with the sunset made for some amazing photos.  All in thanks to R’s genius camera work 🙂

My buddy, “O”, and me on the steps headed towards downtown.

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