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Best meal I ever had

R and I went out to try this new restaurant the other night, and man alive did we get more than we hoped for.

The Brasserie Bavaria in Brussels is where we went, thanks to a recommendation from a colleague of R’s.  I’m telling you right now…. it was THE BEST MEAL I’d ever had in my life.  hands down…. can’t beat it.

So if you’re looking for some good Bavarian food- head to Brussels!  haha..


We started the night off right with some drinks – it was the first bar in Europe we’ve been to that served R’s martini in a martini glass.  Like that’s asking a lot…lol


I ordered the house special – the Koning Ludwig Weissbier – voted world’s best wheat beer in 2008, I think I read.  Damn what a good beer.  Highly recommended if you ever run into it.  It was perfectly hazy and smooth, served in a nice tall .5L.    Very delicious..  it’s making me thirsty again just thinking about it.


For dinner, I had a steak with peppercorn sauce, R had the house schnitzel, served with roasted potatoes.  Holy **** the food melted in our mouths.  I think we were hypnotized and forgot to take photos, but then again the presentation of the food was quite simple, just like a home-cooked meal.  (lol) It was funny getting ready to eat; we could hear the chef in the kitchen beating the living hell out of the steak he was about to whip up to turn into R’s schnitzel!  He was really going to town, but it paid off!



L’ambience etait extraordinaire….. HAHA

After dinner I ordered a random beer off the menu… ahhh I kind of regret doing that.  Wish I would’ve ordered another wheat beer, cause what I got was a classic pilsner..  Flavorful, but just plain for my taste.  It’s the Warfsteiner pilsner.


That’s about it for this post.  For the best food ever, hit up this restaurant in east Brussels, and enjoy!

The Opera in Baden-Baden

Just got back from an amazing road trip that we had waited weeks for.  Belgium was really starting to wear on us, and we had plenty of perfect excuses to leave town: traveling to Baden-Baden, seeing our favorite opera singer, and getting out of the city.


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Bringing on the New Year in Paris

So as if it wasn’t enough that we decided to go to Amsterdam for Christmas, we spent our New Year’s together in Paris!  Actually, we’ve been talking about making this trip for over a year now.


We took some extra time and spent three days in Paris, arriving a couple days ahead of 2013 to be able to explore the city a bit.  Three days is definitely not enough to be able to see Paris though… no way you can get it all in.

The city is incredible.  That’s basically it!  haha… not much of a description I could offer in words, but the photos hopefully do it some justice.

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