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Resistance in Paris

_MG_6141What up everyone…  got a great post for you today.  So most folks visit Paris for the culture, food, history, architecture, or whatever dream they’re following about being in this city.  Granted, it’s one of R and my favorite cities in Europe – but we made a pilgrimage the other week for a completely different reason altogether:

Anyone remember the Modern Warfare 3 multi-player map, “Resistance”??  R and I found it, IN PARIS – it exists!

OK so if you’re not a hardcore Modern Warfare/Call of Duty gamer you’ll have no idea what the hell I’m talking about haha… but back a few years ago, R and I stayed up many late nights playing MW3 online with our friends.  We’d have such a fun, hilarious time with our friends from Washington, Dan & Marta, playing online together – terrorizing all the 10-year olds online!  haha oh what fun…  making loads of buffalo wings, pizza, beer, spending great times with our buds.

Anyhow, one of the best multi-player maps in MW3 is this Paris-themed area called “Resistance”.  I don’t think most (or hardly any) of the people who used to play this game would think anything about this map, or whether it might exist in real life – BUT IT DOES!!

Here’s a quick screenshot of the map:


I’m telling you, it’s the most random neighborhood corner in Paris, located in the popular Montemarte district.  It’s about five blocks away from anything remotely touristy – so why the game developers chose to use it for their game, or how they (freakishly) coincidentally built a virtual map that looks exactly like this small square just blows my mind.  It was very cool to find it, in person 🙂  Here’s some of our photos of “Resistance”:


Weird!! It felt like we were in the game haha….



It’s the gate from the back corner!



Even the big stairs exist!!!


R’s favorite hiding spot in the game is just behind the gate to the right.


Tell me this isn’t the map…


So this is it: Place Dalida in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. The weirdest feelings of deja vu I’ve ever experienced.


Bringing on the New Year in Paris

So as if it wasn’t enough that we decided to go to Amsterdam for Christmas, we spent our New Year’s together in Paris!  Actually, we’ve been talking about making this trip for over a year now.


We took some extra time and spent three days in Paris, arriving a couple days ahead of 2013 to be able to explore the city a bit.  Three days is definitely not enough to be able to see Paris though… no way you can get it all in.

The city is incredible.  That’s basically it!  haha… not much of a description I could offer in words, but the photos hopefully do it some justice.

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